WCGC is currently bidding the following projects: 


Projects Date Time Documents Addendums
SSA Office Security Upgrades 9/14/20 4:00 P.M. Plans & Specs  Amendment 1
Imperial Transit Double Track Construction 10/12/20 2:00 P.M. Plans & Specs Amendment 2 
ICE ERO Schwartz 11/19/20 4:00 P.M. Plans & Specs  Amendment 1

Amendment 2

Amendment 3

San Ysidro Bridge Fence & Rail 11/30/20 4:30 P.M. Plans & Specs Amendment 1

Amendment 2 

Weinberger Elevator Modernization 12/3/20 4:00 P.M. Plans & Specs  Amendment 1
MTS Crosstie and Grade Crossing 12/16/20 2:00 P.M. Plans & Specs


 *Notes:  Click on the addendum number to download addendum documents.  All times in P.M. unless noted otherwise.



Projects in Progress:

Project Name
South Bay Bus Rapid Transit Project Segment 1A
North Park/Mid-City: Landis & Georgia-Meade Bikeways Project
Police Range Refurbishment Project – Phase II
LAFO Tarmac Space
USMS Cellblock Remodel
Calexico East LPOE Repaving
USMS Detention Area Refresh Roybal