WCGC is currently bidding the following projects: 


Projects Date Time Documents Addendums
1837 Market St-47th to Euclid Complete St. 11/19/19 2:00 P.M. Download Plans & Specifications   Addendum A
Merge 56 12/4/19 1:00 P.M. Download Plans & Specifications  Addendum 1

Addendum 2


 *Notes:  Click on the addendum number to download addendum documents.  All times in P.M. unless noted otherwise.



Projects in Progress:

Project Name
69th & Mohawk Pump Station
North City East Infrastructure Project
North City East Pedestrian Bridge
South Bay Bus Rapid Transit Project Segment 1A
Palm Avenue Transitional Housing
101 Ash Street Tenant Improvements
North Park/Mid-City: Landis & Georgia-Meade Bikeways Project
Police Range Refurbishment Project – Phase II